Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Post 7- Northern gets laws?..what?

Northern's Hammurabi Code of Laws

1. If girls dress inappropriately, they will be forced to change into clothes that cover their full bodies and their inappropriate clothes will be burned.

2. Failure to turn in assignments on time will result in spending the class period in the corner, facing away from everyone.

3. If kids stop in the middle of the hallway to talk to their friends and create a traffic jam, they will be shoved into lockers.

4. Student's who disrespect teachers will be smacked across the face by said teacher.

5. Tardy to class will result in excess amounts of extra work.

6. Bringing dangerous weapons to school will result in death of said person with said weapon.

7. Bullying other students will result in banishment.

8. Teachers who fail to meet all requirements of said profession will be fired on the spot.

9. Stealing food from the lunch ladies will result in a starvation period of 3 days.

10. Lack of respect for others and their belongings will result in confiscation of prized possessions.

11. Inappropriate language will result in said person's mouth being sealed with super glue.

12. If rules listed are not enforced by person in charge, person in charge as well as "rule breakers" will be severely beaten.

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