Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Greek 2

Sparta and Athens were both similar yet different. They shared the same form of government, known as an Assembly, by which the people voted for its members. Except Sparta was ruled by 2 kings, that ruled until they died or were forced out of office. And Athens was ruled by Archons who were elected on a year to year basis. Spartan life was simple and Athenian life was a "creative wonderland" so to speak. Spartans focused on obedience and war, whereas Athens you were able to get a good education and pursue a career in any art or science.Fighting in wars was mandatory for the Spartans but Athenians had the choice on whether or not they wanted to. As you can see, the two city states were more different then they were similar.

Sparta VS Athens

I would honestly prefer to live in Athens because it is more relaxed and easy going. Also Athens allows people to express their creativity and discover their true passion without being forced to fight a war or being prevented from discovering their full potential. It just seems like the people of Athens would be much happier and live fuller, richer lives.

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